THE TRAVEL ALMANAC @thetravelalmanac
TTA24 – SUMMER 2024 “Man vs. Machine” – INFERNO

“Urban Freedom for Women” movement exploration (03/2024)

“What if I could fly?” images by Jordan Hardy (09//2024)

Costume for Ena Yamaguchi ‘道しるべ’ (08/2023)

Key+ main visual images by Jack Thomson (07/2023)

| sometimes breezy always windy | images by The Buffacow (09/2023)

Graduate Collection “WHAT IF I COULD FLY?” images by Yiling Zhao (06/2023)

Pre-Collection “WHAT IF I COULD FLY?” images by Anouk Jouanne (05/2023)

Pre-Collection “What if I could Fly?” (03/2023)

Tube-dress for Stylist Nadiya Hassan, Photographer Raghe Farah (04/2023)

tights weaving dress for Stylist Sulyka Abukar (03/2023)

dress making for Kavieng Cheng (03/2023)

“a tiny tiny pencil” images by Kavieng Cheng (01/2023)

Materiality Project 2 (12/2022)

“IMMERSION” film (05/2022)

“IMMERSION” images by Yulia Skogoreva (05/2022)

Tube-Object for『週刊ビッグコミックスピリッツ』 Big Comic SPIRITZ Vol.30 (05/2022)

Head Accessories for 朝日新聞DIGITAL Fashion of 2022 SS Collection (04/2022)

Gekkan ARISAK vol.0 X WHITE SPACE DRESS (03/2022)

“pink limited” IMMERSION dress for HMU artist Sayaka (2022)

A small spaceship has come from the future🛸💗👽

Immersion for Stylist Yuuki Tsuchida (2022)

White Space Dress “IMMERSION” (2022)

“subtle” movie (2022)

“subtle” lookbook (2022)

“Unconscious Gender Switch” lookbook (2022)

“Encounter with Fashion” collaboration with Pablo / shibari artist (2021)

3D art  @miyuand___ costume design @nozomi_yamanami (2021)

for journalist women (2021)

zero waste denim patchwork jacket (2021)

working in the pajama look / tulle dress (2021)