_This is the first main collection exploring the possibilities of garments that respond to dynamic movements – especially from a cross-disciplinary perspective.

_I am specifically aware of constraints corresponding to gender inequalities which I experienced at a traditional workplace in Japan, where I encountered injustice, making me feel limited and restricted because I am a woman. My designs aim to empower women working within these power structures and create possible emancipatory narratives.

_Starting from an imagining of the capacity to fly that I found as one of the ways to set me free, and making a film to tell the story, I have been exploring wind currents and the flow of air generated by body movements, being inspired by balloons and parachutes, and developing a structure according to these principles; I am strongly attracted to improvisatory dance performers who understand their bodies better and seem to move with greater freedom. My garment is at once an exploration and a metaphor for this freedom of expression.

This collection consists of five looks, each reflecting my feeling weekday, Monday to Friday at the time and designed as making the wearer set free as if they were flying. The main material is a used parachute.

Look1 Monday

_running to the office / the jacket splits on the back and the balloon comes out

Look2 Tuesday

_going to the business trip / the skirt connected to the cap covers her whole body and protects from rain

Look3 Wednesday

_attending the online meeting in the air / it is enough to prepare on the upper body with the fake tie detail

Look4 Thursday

_jogging around the office / hood and hem that form a floating shape as she runs

Look5 Friday

_feeling free as only a Friday night can be / exposure of her skin and play with mini-mini parachutes

Photographer / Yiling Zhao

Movement Director / Ken Nakajima

Model & Performer / Robyn Gamston

Stylist / Mei Cheng

HMUA / Nayeon Han

Photographer assistant / Adam